Monday, 12 March 2012

Marina Fiesta Shares The Best Kept Secrets Of The Caribbean

Marina Fiesta members share the best-kept Caribbean secrets so that you can enjoy a wonderful holiday there. The Caribbean islands are not just about yachts and cruises as they surely deliver unbeatable holiday experiences, right from its beautiful and scenic attractions to its elegant luxuries, tourists get to experience it all in its all-inclusive but affordable resorts.

Marina Fiesta members say that the best Caribbean attraction for the rugged adventurers is Dominica’s Boiling Lake. The six-mile incredible hike and its 207-foot wide lake, filled with steam with bubbly burps on its grayish surface, created by the 1880 volcanic eruption is the best way to explore its rugged outback. The Caribbean Pompeii’s are silent volcano that blew their top after about 400 years and spread a sea of ash around the area. Today tourists can visit the site on 4-WD vehicle and enjoy the rugged terrains and its outdoors at their own pace.

Marina Fiesta members say that the extreme adventures love the experience of Flying of Saba’s Cliffs. Saba Airport in Juancho  E Yrausquin Airport has the world’s shortest runway and the pilot legally  drives the airplane of the edge of the cliff to fly high in the sky. It sure is an awe-inspiring experience for the excited tourists.

Marina Fiesta members know that the Caribbean is full of nature tourism and scuba diving. St Vincent is the most unspoiled and least visited island and the rain-forested peaks of the volcanic chain of Antigua and Barbados are known for their coral limestone and the best beach spots of the area. Whether you seek soft beaches, powerful surf and redefined sophistication the Caribbean offers something for everyone. A wealth of traditions have influence every faucet of life, right from its music to its dance and to its exotic cuisine.

Marina Fiesta members know that the Caribbean destinations are easily accessible both by via air service and cruise ships. Most of its islands have international airports that offer flights to worldwide destinations, while through Caribbean cruise tourists get the chance to explore its various islands.

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