Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Marina Fiesta Presents Travel Tips for the Fearful Flyer

Marina Fiesta asks how often have you boarded a flight and noticed one or two passengers who are acting a bit peculiar? You might pass it off as stressful flight conditions or dissatisfaction with the airline, but they could be suffering from fear of flying. It becomes more evident as takeoff approaches. The wide-eyes, clenched fists, profuse sweating, and rocking motions are among its symptoms. Below are some tips to help the nervous traveler.
Don’t hide it. Tell the gate agent when you check in, the flight attendant when you board, and the passengers around you when you sit down. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and what you need is support, not added frustrations by suffering in silence.

At check-in, ask for a seat at the very front of the cabin as possible. Turbulence is usually much greater in the back of the aircraft. If you have an extreme dread of flying, don’t try to overcome your fears on a long flight. Marina Fiesta suggests that you take the shortest flight you can and preferably in the biggest plane possible.
Keep distracted. Watch the movie even if it’s bad or you have seen it already. Read a book or do a crossword puzzle. Do anything that keeps your mind occupied and not dwelling on morbid possibilities.

Marina Fiesta also recommends that you listen to peaceful and calming music. Your mind tends to wander and hear sounds that either don’t exist or are perfectly normal flight noises.

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