Thursday, 23 June 2011

Best “Golden Zone” Resort Cabo San Lucas is Marina Fiesta

The best “Golden Zone” resort in Cabo San Lucas, Marina Fiesta is right in the middle of all of what makes Cabo San Lucas so popular. A luxury resort and spa just minutes from the marina, Marina Fiesta Resort and Spa faces the gorgeous waters of Medano Beach and affords guests easy access to Cabo San Lucas famed “Golden Zone”. The “Zone”, is comprised of hundreds of high-end shops and boutiques, world-class gourmet dining, fun family activities, a range of beaches, and multiple opportunities for water, sport, and cultural excursions. Marina Fiesta is nestled in the heart of this energetic and exciting section of Cabo San Lucas, and visitors can enjoy the swirl of activity during the day and early evening, and come back to the resort at night to relax and unwind.

Cabo San Lucas grew from a fishing village in the late 1800s to a tourist mecca due to its ideal climate, opportunities for big-game fishing and surfing, and multiple, stunning beaches. The “Golden Zone” stretches for 20 miles along the coast, offering vacationers to the area a staggering array of beaches, coves, and gorgeous views. Excellent shopping, nightlife, and family activities are a mainstay of the region, and Marina Fiesta, with its easy proximity to the marina and the city center, has become one of the most popular destinations for experiencing all that Cabo San Lucas has to offer. The Puerto Paraiso Mall, situated just steps from Marina Fiesta, is considered the Beverly Hills of Cabo San Lucas. Shops such as Kenneth Cole, Fendi, and Hugo Boss, among many others are available within minutes. Family activities such as bowling alleys, the Dolphinarium Water Wark, and whale watching, are just a short walk away from Marina Fiesta, making them convenient and safe for families traveling with children. 

A luxury resort and spa, Marina Fiesta offers first-rate accommodations and amenities suitable for everyone from couples to large groups and a wide variety of budgets. The all-inclusive vacation packages include meals, accommodations, local activities, and spa treatments. Suites can accommodate as few as two adults or up to 6 adults with children, and come complete with kitchens, dining and living areas, multiple baths, and private balconies. With its combination of amenities and excellent location, it is easy to see why Marina Fiesta is the best “Golden Zone” resort in Cabo San Lucas.      

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