Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Marina Fiesta Members Are Awe Struck By The Rugged Beauty Of Chiricahua National Park

Marina Fiesta offers you the breathtaking landscape of Chiricahua National Park called the land of The Standing Up Rocks. The forces of nature created these rock sculptures over a period of million years. The volcanic eruption, erosion from water, wind and ice began sculpting the rock into fascinating mountains and the rock upheaval became the Chiricahua Mountains.

Marina Fiesta says that the Chiricahua National Park offers an artistic backdrop with its towering spires and massive stone columns. And even with its rugged appearance tourists will really find it a majestic example of natural beauty. The varied landscape of Chiricahua National Park makes it stand out more appealingly to the roving tourists. Its diverse faun and flora along with rare bird species and miles of wilderness trails this sure ends up being an adventure land for the thrill seeking tourist.

Marina Fiesta knows that the adventure seeking tourist will also love to venture out along the Echo Canyon Trail and Heart of Rock Trails to explore and discover the rugged beauty of the Balanced Rocks and Pinnacles. These rugged hiking trials are enough to fill up the appetite of the adventure seekers who want to enjoy a life immersive hiking experience. But for the less active a hike along the Bonita Canyon Drive is just enough as they can enjoy the surrounding parks and the desert valley.

Marina Fiesta say that the outdoor enthusiastic love to camp in this rugged wilderness and enjoy nature at its best. But to enjoy a perfect outdoor camping experience you need to carry your tent, proper clothing, food and water and go fully geared to enjoy the real fun of outdoor camping. And if you want you can even book in with guided camping trips that are really much better especially for the tourists who are new to camping adventures.

Marina Fiesta tourists will love to enjoy the beauty of nature in the rugged wilderness of Chiricahua National Park and enjoy its immersive scenery that really takes your breath away.

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