Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Marina Fiesta Visits Venezuela, The Hidden Oasis Of Beauty

Marina Fiesta members just love the incomparable contrast of spell binding landscapes of Venezuela. From its stunning Andes Mountains to its awe-inspiring Amazon Jungle, Venezuela is an epic country with spectacular sights that you will never find anywhere else. For travelers who want to enjoy it all, this can be their perfect holiday destination. Tourists get to discover and explore the best of Venezuela tucked away with dipping valleys on the riverbank of Orinoco. Its tropical lowlands are home to a wide array of wildlife, lush vegetation and dramatic waterfalls while providing g a perfect playground for the nature loving tourists. Venezuela is a perfect vacation spot for all types of travelers as from the moment you step off the plane Venezuela will steal your heart and invigorate your spirit with every memory that you create together.

Marina Fiesta members say that with so many excursions to choose from you can surely find it difficult to choose the best one out. Especially for tourists, who are planning a honeymoon or desire a romantic getaway to explore the most spectacular corner of the world on their holiday. As Venezuela, certainly offers you a unique vacation built for two that is worthy of remembrance. Venezuela is the kind of place that can capture the intimacy in discovering one of a kind of place and first time experiences where you can enjoy the luxurious amenities that you have always dreamed. You sure can find many suitable hotels and resorts to relax and enjoy.

Marina Fiesta recommends tourists to enjoy a scenic flight or canoe trip to the foot of Angel Falls known as the eight natural wonder of the world in Cannaima National Park. Venezuela’s great waterfalls plunge deep turning into mist by the strong wind at its base, these are sights that end up creating lifelong memories. Moreover, if you are truly an adventure seeker at heart you can enjoy the hiking journey to the base of the water fall which is a paradise bursting with greener and exotic wildfire.

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