Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Marina Fiesta Goes Diving In Cozumel, The Scuba Diving Paradise Of The World

Marina Fiesta members simply love Cozumel, as it is one of the greatest diving spots of the world and known as the Scuba Diving Paradise. Cozumel is just the on the coast of the Yutucan peninsula and is Mexico’s largest island, loaded with wonderful old world charm. It beaches are its main attractions and its clear as crystal waters are just perfect to enjoy any water sport that you can imagine. From swimming to snorkeling, to sport fishing and scuba diving you sure can enjoy it all here in beautiful Cozumel.

Marina Fiesta members say that Cozumel’s coral reef attracts tourist from all over the world and its clear visibility on an average day keeps them coming for more. Most of the diving sites are teeming with marine life and colorful corals with large and small colorful fish swimming in the area representing every color of the rainbow. The best time to dive in Cozumel’s waters is twilight when the nocturnal marine creatures are ready to hunt and you get to experience things that are impossible during the day. The lucky divers get to watch huge schools of fish like Surgeonfish, Triggerfish and Parrot and Butterfly fishes.

Marina Fiesta members know that snorkeling is a popular waters sport that most tourists love to enjoy and they can even rent small underwater scooters to cover miles of reefs which makes the underwater adventure more Cozumel the popular the world over. The thrill-seekers enjoy swimming with Dolphins, Manatee, and Sea lions in Cozumel waters. Another Cozumel attraction is its jungles that are an adventurous way to spend your entire day exploring and discovering unique species of fauna and flora along with multitude of wildlife. You can start of on a guided tour, as this is the fastest way to enjoy its jungle adventure. Whether on a guided tour on a jeep or a rugged ATV tour, tourists should never forget to explore the Jade Caverns in Cozumel.

Marina Fiesta members say that the fun and adventure options in beautiful Cozumel are multiple and the fun does not end there. People can peek at its underwater world on a glass bottom boat or enjoy a submarine tour that gives them the chance to explore the beauty of life under its sea.

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